Downeast Director

Position Summary

The Downeast Director is a new position offering the opportunity to lead the initiative to integrate the Mission’s considerable Downeast efforts in a multi-generational, place-based, and strength-based partnership to support children, their families, and community.

Eastern Hancock and Washington counties are home to independent, industrious, and entrepreneurial communities whose economic well-being is tied to the fishing, blueberry, and tourism industries. Changes in those industries—now amplified by a changing climate and worldwide pandemic—present a renewed opportunity for the Maine Seacoast Mission to lead in the areas of youth development and college readiness, family resources, food security, and community building. A growing community of Latinx families in Washington County brings an influx of talent, creativity, and community to the area and growing opportunities for collaboration. A long history of strong area partnerships with local school districts, other agencies, and families creates a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in these beautiful, rugged, and resilient coastal Maine communities.

Reporting to the President, the Downeast Director will be the Mission’s compelling, compassionate, and effective senior leader responsible for oversight of all activities based on the Mission’s Downeast Campus (DEC) in Cherryfield, Maine. Responsibilities include education and service programs; DEC staff; facilities and maintenance; budgeting and budget management; and coordination of administrative activities with central Mission administration functions including finance, development, technology, planning, assessment, and human resources.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities of the Downeast Director


The Mission’s central administration is responsible for key administrative functions, including finance, marketing, IT, human resources, and fundraising.  As regards the DEC, the Downeast Director will coordinate with president and senior management team to:

  1. Plan for budgets, marketing, programs, facilities, and capital projects.
  2. Coordinate administrative functions including IT, human resources, and facilities.
  3. Implement Mission marketing and communications strategies.
  4. Help fundraise for programs, including grant development, individual donor cultivation, and foundation giving.
  5. Develop an integrated strategic, campus, and program plan.
  6. Manage risk; ensure adherence to all statutory and regulatory regulations; and align efforts with industry best practice.
  7. Account for portfolio area goals, benchmarks, and performance indicators.

Program Implementation

The central task of the Downeast Director is to align all Downeast Campus programs into an integrated effort supporting Downeast children, their families, and communities. Program assets that fall within the Downeast Director’s purview include the Mission food pantry; Housing Rehabilitation; Family Engagement; Student Pathways, and EdGE. For all programs in the leadership portfolio, the Downeast Director will:

  1. Work with president to identify initiatives for development or retirement and allocate resources in alignment with community need and Mission strategic thinking.
  2. Ensure that all programs work toward common ends and both in design and implementation embody the values outlined in the Mission’s Conceptual Framework.
  3. Maintain and oversee execution of program development, delivery, and assessment while adhering to relevant regulations and industry best practices.
  4. Oversee program staff identification, development, support, and accountability.
  5. Oversee program budget development and resource allocation.


  1. Provide leadership, direction, and support for DEC program leaders to achieve program outcomes, support community, and honor budgets. Administer meaningful formative and summative evaluations for all direct reports and ensure the same is done for all DEC staff.
  2. Maintain a diverse, committed, and engaged DEC staff that represents a blend of professional expertise and experience; local community affiliation; and direct experience with Mission programs.
  3. Establish an exemplary DEC campus culture of challenge and support characterized by high expectations; personal growth; reflective practice; community engagement; celebration of diversity; individual and programmatic evaluation; and adherence to regulation and industry standards.
  4. Ensure staff engage as needed in Mission-wide professional development and communications, marketing, and fundraising efforts. Ensure staff comply with all Mission policies and protocols and comport themselves so as to advance the Mission in communities both virtual and actual.
  5. Oversee volunteer management.

Relationship Management

  1. Build and maintain relationships critical to the success of DEC programs, including those with local schools and parents.
  2. Cultivate partnerships with other agencies to increase or strengthen the Mission’s ability to serve the community.
  3. Participate in regional nonprofit alliances.
  4. Represent DEC as a liaison to board committees and attend board meetings as needed.
  5. Represent DEC and its programs with community, partners, funders, and media.
  6. Meet with donors and potential donors as requested by the president or director of development.
  7. Maintain positive and productive working relationships with all Mission staff members, serving as a resource and sometimes collaborator for other Mission programs.


The Downeast Director will be a compelling, compassionate, and effective community leader with ten years of leadership experience in youth development or social services programs.

The Downeast Director will have the following experience and attributes:

  1. Commitment to the mission and Conceptual Framework of the Maine Seacoast Mission and to the Mission’s tradition of mutual trust and respect for all people.
  2. Commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in staffing, culture, community, policies, and programs.
  3. Minimum of a bachelor’s degree, advanced degree preferred.
  4. Minimum 10 years of leadership experience in program work. Demonstrated leadership, team management and supervision, and interpersonal skills.
  5. Ability to work with clients, students, families, community members, partners, board members, administration, and funders.
  6. Commitment to community partnership and strength-based, multi-generational, and place-based approaches.
  7. Adaptivity and flexibility; a creative problem solver and social entrepreneur.
  8. Demonstrated written and oral communication skills. Spanish and English-speaking preferred.
  9. Demonstrated program evaluation, strategic planning, organization, and time management skills.
  10. Demonstrated administrative skills including professional communication, budget management, program and personnel evaluation, and reporting. Grant writing a plus.
  11. Capacity and comfort with remote communication technologies and Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Word, and Excel.

Environmental and working conditions

The Downeast Director works primarily in an office environment, with frequent movement among the facilities and constituencies on the Cherryfield campus as well as visits to off-campus program sites and meetings. The position also requires:

  1. Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
  2. Regular work meetings; occasional attendance at board meetings; and weekend and evening events.
  3. In-state and out-of-state travel for donor visits.


We offer an excellent salary and benefits.

To Apply

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to Ann Cox Halkett, Director of Administration. We will begin reviewing applications on August 24, 2020.

The Maine Seacoast Mission believes diversity makes us stronger and is an equal opportunity employer.