Island Outreach

The Mission’s Island Outreach programs enrich and enliven island life year-round.

Douglas Cornman, Director of Island Outreach, brings performers and artists to the islands, offers opportunities for worship and spiritual development, and instigates island-wide events such as suppers and sports activities.

Island Outreach activities augment the work of small island schools, and a year-round program prepares 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for the transition to mainland high schools—few islands have their own high school. The Mission publishes the Island Reader, an annual collection of writing and visual art created by island residents.

As a mental health counselor and certified dance/movement therapist with years of experience as a clinician and clinical administrator, Director of Island Outreach Cornman also works closely with Sharon Daley, Director of Island Health, to support the mental wellness needs of island residents and their isolated communities. He responds to islander requests for spiritual support and development, whether through the islands’ churches or other means, including discussion or meditation groups. The annual “Islands of Grace” retreat brings residents of many different islands together to share the richness of island spirituality.

Here is the Sunbeam’s schedule for Island Outreach and Island Health Services.