Property Use Policy

We are pleased to make the Maine Seacoast Mission’s Downeast Campus available for use by outside community organizations and individuals. Our facilities may be used on a day basis for meetings, seminars, workshops, and recreation, and for overnight accommodations if a group is associated with the Housing Rehabilitation Program or EdGE. The facilities include the Weald Bethel Chapel, Ed Greaves Education (EdGE) Center, Weald Bethel trails, and tent platforms.

Primary use of the facilities and equipment is for Maine Seacoast Mission programs. Other groups whose purpose is compatible with the goals and priorities of the Mission are welcome if space is available.

Supervision: All groups will be required to designate an individual, 21 years of age or older, who will be responsible for the conduct of the group. The designated leader must meet with Mission staff prior to the anticipated use of the facility to review this agreement.

Standards of Conduct

  • Smoking, weapons and illegal substances are strictly prohibited in all areas of the facility including parking lots and trails
  • Consumption and possession of alcohol is allowed in limited situations. Please check with Downeast Campus Service Programs Director.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited from trails located on the Downeast Campus
  • Any and all conduct contrary to the purpose of the Mission is prohibited. The Mission reserves the right to dismiss any individual and/or group who does not maintain the specified standards of conduct.

Certificate of Insurance

Groups may be required to provide a certificate of insurance depending on the purpose of their visit to the Downeast Campus. This is required of all groups working with the Housing Repair Program.

Clean up and Responsibility for Damage

The facility will be clean before you arrive; please leave it as you find it. The individual responsible for the group will be responsible for all damages to the facility, equipment and/or property caused by the group. The group will be notified of damage and any required payment.


For more information about any fees associated with use of the property speak the Downeast Campus Service Programs Director.

Personal Property

The Mission assumes no responsibility for the personal property of individuals or groups using the Downeast Campus.


Use of the Mission facilities does not imply sponsorship or endorsement of any event by the Seacoast Mission.

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