EdGE Marion Kane Leadership Program

The Marion Kane Leadership program is an in-school program that teaches students leadership skills, nurtures their innate strengths, and keeps them engaged with their schools and communities.

In collaboration with local schools, the program brings students, most often seventh graders, to Cherryfield’s EdGE Center for three full days of highly interactive workshops. They participate in activities that help them think critically about challenging topics like bullying, peer pressure, decision-making, trust, stereotypes, and substance abuse. They challenge themselves on the EdGE ropes course and experience and analyze the dynamics of teamwork and building trust. Seventh graders come back for three days as eighth-graders.

Marion Kane was a visionary leader who saw enormous potential in the people and communities of Downeast Maine. In addition to her work at the College of the Atlantic and the Maine Community Foundation, among other organizations, she played a critical role in establishing the EdGE program.