EdGE Afterschool Programs

EdGE after school program includes an opportunity for each student to choose from various experiential, creative, and thought-provoking activities.

Each program also includes a snack and homework help tutoring with certified teachers. Any given afternoon may find students biking on a nature trail, experimenting with pasta sauces, programming robots, or sculpting with paper-mache. Staff includes teachers, outdoor coordinators, artists, college, and high school students.

EdGE offers afterschool programs in six elementary schools in Washington County—Milbridge, Cherryfield, Harrington, Addison, Jonesport-Beals, Rose M. Gaffney Elementary in Machias. In Cherryfield, Harrington, Milbridge, and Machias, the EdGE program is offered four afternoons each week.

There are two-afternoon sessions each week in the other schools. Each session lasts two hours. The school locations and grade eligibility are Machias (K-8), Cherryfield (2-8), Jonesport/Beals (3-8), D.W. Merritt (2-6), Harrington (2-6), and Milbridge (2-6).

EdGE programs are open to all students who attend the schools partnering with EdGE. There is no fee for afterschool program. Transportation is provided.