Weald Bethel Community Center

On June 1, 2018, the Mission fulfilled a 10-year dream with completion of the Weald Bethel Community Center.

The new facility, located on the Mission’s Downeast Campus, Cherryfield, ME, includes a commercial kitchen, dorm rooms, full bathroom and showers, washer/dryer, and more indoor open areas to accommodate the Mission’s community meals, coffees, and Housing Rehabilitation program volunteers.

Mission Campus Director of Service Programs Wendy Harrington said at the Grand Opening, “It’s my hope that this will be a Center where people come together around their love of the place. I believe we cannot live a grounded life without being in a grounded place.

“This is a community resource built by the Maine Seacoast Mission community, the Downeast community, our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues,” Director Harrington continued, adding, “we hope this community center becomes a place where everyone is welcome. A place where everyone belongs, can be themselves, have a wonderful meal, share laughter, fun, and some tears.”

Since June 2018 the Weald Bethel Community Center is thriving as home to the weekly Downeast Table of Plenty Community supper, cooking classes, yoga lessons, Open Mic nights, and accommodations for the dedicated Housing Rehabilitation Program volunteers who travel to Maine each year to ensure community members are living in safe, warm homes.

Weald Bethel Community Center’s use within the community continues to grow. Visit our Downeast Campus Calendar for the latest news and events.