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Sunbeam V Brings Planet Pan Steel Drum Music to Maine Islands

Planet Pan Steel Drum Band from George Stevens Academy boarded the Sunbeam V Friday, May 19th island hopping to Monhegan and on Saturday, May 20th to Matinicus islands. Director of Island Outreach Douglas Cornman said, “Concerts on both islands were well attended and extremely well received.” Here is a video taken earlier this month, May 6th,…

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Dr. Kelley: Twenty Eye Exams on Monhegan with Remote Technology

Imagine living on a coastal Maine island where you have to schedule a three-day trip to the mainland and back for a routine eye exam. Well, this month, Sharon Daley, the Mission Director of Island Health boarded the Monhegan mail boat with Kurt H. Kelley MD, President-Elect of the Maine Society of Eye Physicians and…

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