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The Mission’s New Choice Food Pantry

CHERRYFIELD, ME — In July 2021 we changed the Mission Family Food Center into a place where our patrons could choose their foods. Our choice pantry offers patrons dignity and cuts down on food wasted. The pantry now has the feel and look of a grocery store complete with signs to showcase available foods. The…

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Thank you Thursday to Reny’s and Marden’s

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to friends and Maine retailers: Marden’s and Renys Mission Community Resource Coordinator Megan Smith tells us, “For years Marden’s and Renys in Ellsworth have collaborated with our Christmas Program. We provide gift tags to both stores. Each tag has a child’s name and a…

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Mission Food Pantry Open Every Other Wed Night – Starts June 10

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Maine Seacoast Mission Food Pantry is open today, June 10, 2020, from 3:30 – 6:00 pm. To make the Food Pantry more accessible to patrons we are opening for evening hours every other Wednesday. Please call 207-546-7424 to make an appointment or fill out our online order form: http://ow.ly/xyrQ50A3Tbn .

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‘Culturally Relevant Food’ Day at Pantry is a ‘Wow!’

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Megan Smith, Maine Seacoast Mission Community Resource Coordinator, gives yesterday’s “culturally relevant food” distribution at the Mission Food Pantry a big “Wow!” In a follow-up email, Megan said: “What a wonderful amazing day. The partnership and camaraderie I saw today was beyond compare. We were able to serve the “culturally relevant food”…

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Fresh Produce Displayed for Food Pantry Drive-Through Patrons

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Megan Smith, Interim Food Pantry Manager at the Mission, sends this photo of the Food Pantry’s new “Fresh Produce” sign proudly hanging on the canopy covering the fresh produce display. This set-up is used on Food Pantry drive-through days to offer customers a chance to see and choose their favorite produce.

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Food Pantry Update – 55 Families Served, Use Drive-Through

CHERRYFIELD, ME — On Tuesday, May 12, 55 families used our drive-thru food pantry. Some families picked up commodities and a food box, and we delivered food to other families. Today’s theme was corn chowder. We gave out potatoes, heavy cream, corn and a recipe. We tried something new today. We put all our produce…

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Amazing, Busy, Apple Crisp Day at Mission Food Pantry

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Today was an amazing and busy day at the Food Pantry. Our theme of the day was apple crisp. We gave out oats, sugar and apples with each box so families could make their own. We served 40 families/117 people. Twenty families had food delivered; 20 families picked up at the Food…

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Mission Food Pantry Open Wednesday, April 8, 9 am – 12 pm

CHERRYFIELD, ME — We are opening the food pantry tomorrow to give out eggs, produce, milk and bread. Will you put a post out stating that we will be open tomorrow from 9 am -12 pm to give out those items? Click here for directions. Thanks, Megan Smith Community Resource Coordinator Maine Seacoast Mission

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Mission Food Pantry Produce, Bread Abundance from Walmart, Shaw’s

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Mission Community Resources Coordinator Megan Smith sent these photos from our Downeast Campus Food Pantry in Cherryfield, ME with a thank you note to Shaw’s and Walmart. Megan says, “I wanted to send these pictures along. We received so much produce and bread from Walmart and Shaw’s yesterday that we have an…

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