Sunbeam Captain Greets Lobstering Safety Champion

ROCKPORT, ME — Sunbeam Captain Mike Johnson greets Ann Backus of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In April 2017 Ms. Backus traveled aboard the Sunbeam to Frenchboro and and Isle au Haut to give fishermen a presentation on Lobstering Safety and Occupational Health Presentations.

Backus’s presentation included use and care of survival suits, and how to make reboarding ladders, and other quite useful information for keeping fishermen alive and well.

Mike and Ann were both at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum trade show at the Samoset Inn, Rockport, ME.

Sunbeam V Crew Returns to Maine Fishermens Forum March 3-4

Sunbeam V's new dock in Northeast Harbor, ME

Bar Harbor, ME – Crew members of the Mission’s Sunbeam V are returning to the Maine Fishermens Forum Trade Show at the Samoset Resort, Rockland, Maine, on Friday, March 3rd and Saturday, March 4th. 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

“We wanted to go back,” said Director of Island Services Douglas Cornman. “Last year was our first year” at the Forum Trade Show. “We connected with fishermen and fishermen’s families who had relationships with the Sunbeam — whether it was Sunbeam V or Sunbeam IV, and in some cases, even Sunbeam III — and it was fantastic to reconnect with these families, whether they were on islands we don’t visit regularly, or in coastal towns and villages,” said Director Douglas Cornman.

“It was a great opportunity to build awareness and educate people on what the boat’s currently doing. How we’re using telemedicine, telehealth, and island outreach.”

The Sunbeam V crew will have a booth at the Trade Show. “Our display this year will be our current literature on the Seacoast Mission, on what’s happening at the Mission’s Downeast Campus in Cherryfield, and what’s happening on the outer islands,” said Douglas.

“We are going to have the laptop with the videos. Sunbeam V Captain Mike Johnson has also put together a slide show of past images of Sunbeams, the current Sunbeam. Each day — Friday and Saturday — we’ll have boat crew and boat staff available. So people can ask questions about the Sunbeam itself, or questions about the programs offered from the boat. There’ll be a boat person and a program person at our table each day,” said Douglas Cornman