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Thank you Thursday for Thinklabs

It’s Thank you Thursday. Today’s shout out of Mission love goes to our Thinklab friends in Colorado. Many people first learned of the power of telemedicine — the art of providing health services by internet — when outdated federal restrictions were lifted in the fight against Covid-19. Yet, telemedicine has been a part of Maine…

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Reinventing Island Health Services

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME — With the Sunbeam reactivated, Director of Island Health Services Sharon Daley, RN is figuring out how best to do her work, providing medical services among island communities. Working under Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines means reinventing how Sharon performs her Sunbeam work. “It feels great being back…

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Students and Healthcare Services on Maine’s Island Communities Stay Connected

Students and Healthcare Services on Maine’s Island Communities Stay Connected Posted by Timothy P. Hobbs, USDA Rural Development State Director for Maine in Rural Technology Jun 19, 2020 Maine’s island communities are scattered up and down the coastline, many of them miles out to sea – they’re rural communities carving out a life both in…

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Maine Island Elder Care Homes: Ahead of Their Time

BAR HARBOR, ME — Southern Harbor House on North Haven is a new assisted living facility among a network of eleven Maine island communities. Elder care workers from these communities meet each year to discuss challenges, resources, and to make action plans at an Elder Care Conference hosted by the Mission’s Island Health Director Sharon…

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