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A February 2020 Birds-Eye View of the ‘Sunbeam’

BELFAST, ME — Mission Communications Associate Hunter Billings was at Front Street Shipyard, Belfast, ME with Sunbeam Captain Mike Johnson. The two men went on a Sunbeam “walk through,” with Mike Johnson narrating current aspects of the boat’s routine major refit, while Hunter caught it all on video and digital photographs. Their goal? To produce…

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New Generators Ensure a Quieter, More Efficient ‘Sunbeam’

BELFAST, ME — “The new Northern Lights Generators were hoisted into the Sunbeam engine room on Wednesday, February 5. These will be a big improvement over the removed units. They are more fuel efficient and have an insulated sound enclosure (not installed yet) that will considerably reduce the noise in the Sunbeam living area,” said…

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‘Sunbeam V’ Update – Pilothouse Nearing Completion

BELFAST, ME — Earlier this month, on a video-conference with Mission Administrators, Program Directors, Program Managers, and others, Sunbeam V Captain Mike Johnson said he is pleased with the way in which the Sunbeam pilothouse — his office on the water — is coming together. The first photo of the pilothouse during the Sunbeam refit…

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Shipyard’s Skilled Carpenters Tackle ‘Sunbeam V’ Pilothouse Reconstruction

BELFAST, ME — Front Street Shipyard carpenters Kirk Ryder (left) and Peter Lewis (right) are responsible for much of the reconstruction of the Sunbeam V pilothouse. Marine carpentry is challenging. Hardly anything is square or level. Multiple compound angles would baffle even the most handy of us. Not only are these carpenters skilled, but they…

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Old ‘Sunbeam V’ Looking More Like New ‘Sunbeam V’

BELFAST, ME — Captain Mike Johnson sent these captioned Sunbeam V refit photos. On a Mission video-conference several days earlier, Capt. Mike told the Mission team the refit was at a point where, for the first time, viewers could tell what the boat will look like finished. Now, with these photos in hand, we see…

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‘Sunbeam V’ Update: The Varnish Crew Who Make the Boat’s Wood Shine

BELFAST, ME — Sunbeam V Captain Mike Johnson, while overseeing the Sunbeam‘s routine major refit at Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, ME, has been sending us photos and praise for the Front Street boat builders for their stellar work in repairing all aspects of the Sunbeam. “These gentlemen,” writes Capt. Mike in his latest update,…

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‘Sunbeam V’ Refit Update: Getting Into the Nitty Gritty

BELFAST, ME — As Sunbeam Captain Michael Johnson says, “We’re getting into the nitty gritty now.” The one photo, courtesy Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, ME, shows the Sunbeam V inside, out of the elements, ready for refit. The second photo, courtesy Capt. Johnson, is the “nitty gritty” refit work underway in the Sunbeam salon.

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‘Sunbeam’ Breaks Ice, Islesford Lobsterman Goes to Work

In a March 5, 2019 email, Sunbeam V Captain Mike Johnson sent these photos of the Sunbeam as icebreaker, with this back story: This morning I got a call from local boatyard Henry R. Abel and Co., asking if we could break ice so they could launch lobster boat Victoria, owned by Islesford lobsterman Richard…

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Capt. Mike Johnson’s Sunbeam Refit Update, February 2019

NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME — By the time you read this, a set of mid-life refurbishment specifications will have been sent to five Maine shipyards. I am pleased by the strong interest shipyards have shown in the project, as well as the quality of the yards considering the proposal. They are Billings Diesel and Marine, Stonington;…

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