The Mission is within striking distance of achieving greater sustainability for Mission programs and work.

Maine People, Maine Spirit: A campaign building solid ground for the future

Edwin Valentine Mitchell chronicled his many trips on the Sunbeam in the 1930s in his classic book Anchor to Windward, saying this:

There are no better neighbors in the world than the people of Maine islands. In times of crisis and danger, all differences, if any exist, are forgotten, and everybody rallies around the one who is ill or in trouble. It is the same spirit which the men in the lobster boats showed at Seal Island when they stayed together in the snowstorm.

Kids walkingThat spirit is very much alive today, and the Mission’s campaign honors it. The Maine People, Maine Spirit campaign is on the home stretch to winning the full match offered by an anonymous foundation for the Ed Greaves Education (EdGE) program:

•$7.2 million is in-hand from generous donors and funders.

•$858,000 remains to secure the final portion of the matching grant.

When all is said and done, these funds will sustain EdGE into the future.

sharon_spiritWe also aim to build a firmer foundation for the future of the Island Health program, which brings medical and other health-related services to outer islands. We are actively seeking $1.5 million in commitments.

The Mission needs many hands here — we hope you will find ways to participate that are right for you. We will share news updates, over the fall and winter, with a goal of announcing success by April 2017.

To discuss your questions and plans in confidence, contact Ellen Pope at 207-801-6009 or [email protected].