Month: May 2020

Food Pantry Update – 55 Families Served, Use Drive-Through

CHERRYFIELD, ME — On Tuesday, May 12, 55 families used our drive-thru food pantry. Some families picked up commodities and a food box, and we delivered food to other families. Today’s theme was corn chowder. We gave out potatoes, heavy cream, corn and a recipe. We tried something new today. We put all our produce…

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Washington County Scouts Prepare, Deliver Over 100 Mother’s Day Ham Dinners

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Who doesn’t love a success story? On Mother’s Day, May 10th, Washington County Cub Scout Pack/Troop 139 “prepared, delivered, and handed out over 100 free Mother’s Day ham dinners,” said Amanda Davis on the Scouts’ Facebook page. “It was a wonderful day and our way of giving back to our community during…

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Penobscot Island Air – A Wonderful Mission Partner

MATINICUS ISLAND, ME — With the Sunbeam out of the water for a refit, and our temporary boat, Moonbeam, out of the water for the cold weather months, the Mission has partnered more often with our allies Penobscot Island Air, to carry out work on some of the islands. May 11, 2020’s air trip to-and-from…

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Mission and AIO Restock Matinicus Island Food Pantry

MATINICUS ISLAND, ME — Monday, May 11, Matinicus Island’s Food Pantry is restocked thanks to Area Interfaith Outreach Pantry and Emergency Services and Maine Seacoast Mission. Thank you Penobscot Island Air crew, Sharon Leckbee Daley, and Robin T for all the organization and shuffling.  

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Jillian’s Rainbow – Mission Work from Home

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Jillian sends this work from home photo, writing, “I’ve been tasked with painting a rainbow for the food pantry which is bringing me joy this fine sunny morning.” She is Steward aboard the Sunbeam and Moonbeam. Jillian is also involved in many activities at our Downeast Campus in Cherryfield. Looks good, Jillian.

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Mission Scholarships Director Says 2020 Applications Ready for Review

BAR HARBOR, ME — With the deadline for submission of applications for Mission scholarships behind us, Mission Scholarships Director Terri Rodick sends photos of a tall stack of 2020 applications. How many in the stack? “Right now,” Terri says, “I have no idea.” But, she continues, “Our next step is to schedule interviews with our…

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Jillian’s Roadside Inspiration – How Can We Do Good Today?

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Jillian, who serves as Steward aboard the Sunbeam, and is quite active in Mission activities at our Downeast Campus, has also a soft spot for uplifting quotes on road signs. In fact, the Weald Bethel Community Center inner walls on the Downeast Campus were once adorned with an exhibit of Jillian’s photo…

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It’s Thank you Thursday for Graham Fitch of Front Street Shipyard

BAR HARBOR, ME — It’s Thank you Thursday and today’s shout out of Mission Love goes to Graham Fitch, our steadfast project manager at the Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, ME. For all of you Sunbeam fans, Graham has been the guy on the ground, in the yard, guiding the refit of our beloved vessel…

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Amazing, Busy, Apple Crisp Day at Mission Food Pantry

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Today was an amazing and busy day at the Food Pantry. Our theme of the day was apple crisp. We gave out oats, sugar and apples with each box so families could make their own. We served 40 families/117 people. Twenty families had food delivered; 20 families picked up at the Food…

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