Month: March 2020

Mission Suspends EdGE In-School Programs; Developing At-Home Alternatives

BAR HARBOR, ME — All Maine Seacoast Mission’s EdGE in school programs are currently suspended. Our instructors are developing at-home alternatives for our wonderfully creative students. We are also working with school partners who have asked us to help ensure healthy food for our students during this time of social distancing. Mission President John Zavodny…

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MaineBiz – Maine’s ‘Unbridged’ Islands Hunker Down

March 19, 2020 Maine’s ‘unbridged’ islands hunker down By Laurie Schreiber Islands in Maine without bridges to the mainland are taking special steps to protect residents from the threat of coronavirus. ===== “We’re taking our cues from our island communities,” [Mission President John] Zavodny said. “North Haven has taken the step of prohibiting non-island…

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Mission Scholarship Application Deadline Now Flexible in Response to School Closures

BAR HARBOR, ME — Our Mission Scholarship application deadline is May 1, 2020. However, with COVID-19 school and college closures, we will be be flexible with the May 1 deadline, considering applications case-by case. If you need to request additional time to submit your supporting documents — particularly your transcript and letter of recommendation —…

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Mission Commitment During the COVID-19 Challenge – A Note from the President

BAR HARBOR, ME — Through ice storms, fire, world wars, recession, and countless Nor’easters, the Maine Seacoast Mission has supported Maine’s isolated communities on the outer islands and in Downeast coastal communities since 1905. Never is Mission support more needed than in times like these. The COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges for the people supported…

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Mission Adopts Drive-Thru Plan for Food Security Programs

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Food security is a key focus of Maine Seacoast Mission . The Mission’s Food Pantry and Senior Commodities program are always buzzing with activity, ensuring the neighbors we serve have fresh, healthy food. As a “distancing” precaution against COVID-19, Mission Director of Service Programs Wendy Harrington and her co-workers, came up with…

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Island Services Team Changes Routine to Accommodate COVID-19 Precautions

BAR HARBOR, ME — With COVID-19 precautions in mind, the Sunbeam’s Island Services team (Douglas, Jillian, and Sharon) are suspending our regularly scheduled visits starting March 16th through March 31st. We will decide on how to best proceed as more information on the Coronavirus becomes available and we talk with islanders, island leadership, and island…

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The Mission’s Winter 2020 ‘The Bulletin’ Available Online Now

Maine Seacoast Mission’s Winter 2020 “The Bulletin.” It highlights the power of nourishment and community. The Mission continues to provide resources for both in these challenging times. Available online now to read or download. Click here. Subscribe to “The Bulletin” quarterlies – free! — by clicking here.

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DETOP, Other Community Center Events Suspended – Alternatives Announced Very Soon

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Wendy Harrington, Mission Director of Services Programs, has announced the suspension of the following programs normally held at the Mission’s Weald Bethel Community Center in Cherryfield. The Downeast Table of Plenty (DETOP), beginning with the DETOP scheduled for Sunday, March 15, is suspended. So are the Open Mic nights, Yoga classes, and…

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Downeast Maine Tiny House Project Moves Forward in Winter

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Winter in Maine changed the pace of the Downeast Maine Tiny House Project. While the pace slowed, it never stood still. The Tiny House Project blog just posted an update with videos from the carpentry class at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School at work. In this video, Sophomore students are installing…

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