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Teens Learn to Grow Their Own Food Teens learn to grow their own food August 15, 2019 on Education, News HARRINGTON — Last month at Narraguagus Junior/Senior High School, seven teens, assisted by teachers and community volunteers, were hard at work building a new garden on a corner of the campus. The effort was part of Teen Ag week. The six-day…

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Congregational Church of Cumberland – A Decade of Housing Rehab Volunteering

CHERRYFIELD, ME — Thank you to the Cumberland Crew from the Congregational Church of Cumberland Maine, with special thanks to retiring Senior Minister Diane Bennekamper. She has brought this group to help with the Housing Rehab Program for almost ten years! They have assisted many of our neighbors in Downeast Maine neighbors, helping them live…

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Video Profile – ‘Sunbeam V’ Captain and Crew 2019

BAR HARBOR, ME — This profile of the Captain and crew of Maine Seacoast Mission’s iconic ‘Sunbeam V’ is part of a short film by Jeff Dobbs, presented at the Mission’s Sunbeam Award Gala 2019. We present this video as the best introduction yet of the Sunbeam crew’s work among Maine unbridged island communities. Learn…

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Sunbeam Updater – Shipyard Takes Apart Pilothouse Electrical System

BAR HARBOR, ME — Front Street Shipyard posted one more eye opening photo of the Sunbeam V undergoing its routine major refit. Front Street’s caption for this photo is: We’re disassembling all of the electrical/electronics in SUNBEAM’s pilothouse. Thank you, Front Street. Meanwhile, the Sunbeam V crew continues their work on Maine unbridged islands on…

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EdGE – Encourages Youth to Build Character, Self-Confidence

CHERRYFIELD, ME — EdGE (Ed Greaves Education) is Maine Seacoast Mission’s innovative youth development program for K-12 coastal Washington County students. Encourages youth to stay engaged in school, build character, improve academic performance, build self-confidence. Learn all about EdGE.

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The ‘Sunbeam V’ Re-fit is in Good Hands

BELFAST, ME — Monday, August 19 at Front Street Shipyard.  Three of the “regulars” on the Sunbeam V: “It is such a pleasure working with this crew,” said Sunbeam V Captain Mike Johnson. “They are not only knowledgeable in their fields, but always speak up when they see a better or less expensive way to…

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Thank You for a Heartfelt 16th Sunbeam Award Gala

BAR HARBOR, ME — Thank you to everyone who helped make Maine Seacoast Mission’s 16th Annual Sunbeam Award Gala a success. Mission President John Zavodny said, “This was my first Maine Seacoast Mission Gala. It was everything I hoped for and more. The outpouring of love and support for the Mission, for our shared work,…

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Mission President Meets and Greets Swan’s Island Community Members

BAR HARBOR, ME — Maine Seacoast Mission President John Zavodny, Island Outreach Director and Chaplain Douglas Cornman, and Sunbeam Steward Jillian, traveled to Swan’s Island on Sunday, August 11, to meet with community members. Lots of people showed up to meet John and share their thoughts on how Maine Seacoast Mission can continue it’s relationship…

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Catching ‘Sunbeam V’ Corrosion Before It’s a Structural Problem

BAR HARBOR, ME — These two photos are of the ‘Sunbeam V’s’ below waterline area. The first photo shows the beginning stages of “blooming rust” in a below waterline area of the bilge. The second photo is a wider angle shot of the same area after Front Street Shipyard has done its magic. This is…

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News Center Maine – What Healthcare Looks Like for Maine’s Island Dwellers LIFE What healthcare looks like for Maine’s island dwellers Living on an island adds a layer of complexity to all aspects of daily life, including managing one’s health. Author: Hannah Dineen — August 7, 2019 MOUNT DESERT, Maine — Maine’s island dwellers are resilient and self-sufficient people. However, with limited medical resources on…

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