Island Elder Care Workers Meet DHHS Workers to ‘Make Things Work Better’



Mission Director of Island Health Sharon Daley, and other administrators involved with elder care on Maine’s islands and peninsulas, meet in person with Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) workers three times a year, “to brainstorm how to make things work better,” Director Sharon Daley said.

Friday, January 27, 2017, Sharon Daley was in Augusta with a group representing four island elder care homes, meeting with eight DHHS workers.

Sharon said. “Many regulations do not always apply to smaller elder care homes. Asking questions directly, and explaining the nature of small homes, especially island homes, we’ve been able find some solutions to these problems. Everyone attending these meetings has the same goal: caring for our elders in the best way possible,” she said.

Director Sharon Daley is standing fourth from the right in the photo here.

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A New Presence to the Mission’s Past

The Maine Seacoast Mission has been a trusted friend along the Maine coast for more than 100 years, always committed to our work for the long haul. Island and coastal residents know they can rely on us. While our presence is steady, we are responsive to the needs of individuals and communities, and our programs adapt to meet changing conditions.

Now through the internet and digital communications, the Mission can bring a new presence to our past. For example, these two reports from the 1930s concerning the Mission boat at the time, the Sunbeam III.

First up is a three-minute segment from a radio broadcast featuring Alice M. Peasley, and other Mission staff.

Second, this remarkable film from the Maine Sea Coast Mission Collection at the Northeast Historic Film web site showing a U.S. Coast Guard cutter breaking through ice to enable passage of the Sunbeam III. Today, the Sunbeam V often serves as an icebreaker to enable islanders to move their boats in-and-out of harbor.

Sunbeam V on Matinicus: Visiting People in School, Homes, and Along the Road

Director of Island Health Sharon Daley sends her photos and news from her trip earlier this week with Director of Island Outreach Douglas Cornman to Matinicus. Thank you, Sharon.

“When we were on Matinicus this week the wind was going to come up, so the boat was only on the dock for 2 hours, and then left to anchor. Douglas and I walked on the island and visited the school and people in their homes and along the road as we walked.

“We then walked down to a dock to meet a lobsterman who was going to take us out to the Sunbeam at anchor. The one picture is the road Douglas and I walked down to get there. The other is the skiff leaving the Sunbeam after dropping us off.”