Sunbeam The Sunbeam V, launched in 1995, is 75 feet long and 21 feet in beam with a seven foot draft. The boat cruises under a 250 horsepower single-screw diesel engine that can cruise at 10 knots. Sunbeam V often serves as the ice breaker, helping to clear harbors and protect the boats moored there from ice damage. Equipped with radar, Loran, GPS, a fathometer, and other safety and navigational equipment, the Sunbeam V can safely travel at any time of day and at any time of year. The boat is equipped with state of the art telemedicine equipment, which allows Sunbeam Island Health Services to provide medical attention and remote doctor’s visits through closed circuit television. The boat also serves as a meeting place for services, fellowship, meals, and meetings.

There have been five other boats between the first (the Hope) and the Sunbeam V. Following the Hope was an engine-powered cruising yacht called Morning Star only slightly larger than the Hope. Sunbeam I served the Mission.