Emergency Assistance

Since 1915, the Maine Sea Coast Mission has provided emergency financial assistance to those who are in critical need.Today, we provide emergency fuel assistance and refer individuals to our Mission programs or local agencies for additional resources. Low income families and the elderly are our target population. For more information contact Marilyn Nickson

The Mission also links homeowners to the Housing Repair Program for weatherization of their houses and trailers to reduce future fuel costs. Experts estimate that one dollar spent on weatherization provides a three dollar savings in fuel costs. For more information contact Shaw Shaw

Mount Desert Island Community Campfire Coalition
was started in 2008 by three island non-profits, Maine Sea Coast Mission, Harbor House and the Neighborhood House. The coalition’s mission is to provide heating assistance to families in need on Mount Desert, Swan’s and Cranberry Islands.

A family must complete an application and provide proof of income. All applications and correspondence are confidential. Once the application process is complete, a family is eligible for 100 gallons of fuel or an equivalent benefit for propane, wood or electric heat.
MDI Campfire Coalition Application

Other agencies that can provide assistance include the and the

For general questions and concerns regarding these programs contact at 866-207-4010.